Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Slow Spin - nightfall's reverie

It happens ever so often that translating aural stimulus into words seems like a rather futile or strenuous task, primarily because of the constraints inherent within language itself. The subjectivity of the translating medium is contentious as well, and cannot be disregarded. However, if we are to believe in ‘objective’/universal human categories such as introspection, memory, nostalgia, emotion and expression, however vaguely defined, we might find traces of them resonating in creative works produced by others. The correlation established thus might be framed in different ways by different agents, but it is still something that is felt. As an ode to this vicarious revelry, whenever I listen to Slow Spin’s ‘nighfall’s reverie’, I do feel the tunes embracing the aforementioned categories with a yearning seldom heard. The whole enterprise is steeped with it; from the reverb laden vocals to the mellow acoustic picking; from the sparse field recordings interspersed within to the minimal trinket-based soundscapes. It’s a marriage between an earthy folk aesthetic and ambience, and works well most of the time.

The creator seems to exist in a self-created microcosm, and the little snippets that constitute 'nightfall's reverie' weave into one another in an episodic fashion, reminiscent of sporadic epiphanies or paint strokes that are visceral yet contemplative. At times, Slow Spin's flirtation with psychedelia leads to the dissolution of conventional structures, and gives us a glimpse into a state of being that might be schizophrenic, heightened, highly receptive and aware in ways that transcend the norm. (The reference to schizophrenia is merely metaphorical, of course). You can download the EP from mooshymoo.com, or stream it on soundcloud. (The Podhajsky-esque cover art is done by Samya Arif, and is also something that needs to be appreciated in its own right).

Favourites: 'call too', 'pace', 'aslant'.